Biao Bang Sticker Remover B-7391 (450ml)

Biao Bang Sticker Remover B-7391 (450ml)

Category: Biao Bang

Product Key Features
- This product is suitable to clean the residual glue - Can remove car sticker, public place sticker, price sticker etc. - It is standing object of hardware, stationery, home improvement, decoration, car beauty, cleaning industry - It is applicable on metal, automotive paint, most rubber, plastic, paint, stainless steel, aluminum alloy decorative material, protective film etc.
How To Use
1) This product may have impact on some surfaces. It should be tested in a inconspicuous place before the first time use 2) Remove stickers and residual glue if possible before use 3) Wait for about 1 minute, wipe the smooth surface with a toothbrush, then wash it with clean water 4) If there is heavy residual glue, wash repeatedly until it clean

Product Details:
- Brand: Biao Bang
- Shelf life: 3 years
- Capacity: 450ml

Product Included:
- 1 unit 450ml Sticker Stain Remover B-7391

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