Biao Bang Car Dashboard Polish B-8092 (450ml)

Biao Bang Car Dashboard Polish B-8092 (450ml)

Category: Biao Bang

Product Key Features
- This product is suitable to bright the hard surface of genuine leather, leather, plastic. - Easy to use, just spray and wipe, can make the car leather seat restore glossy, - Make dashboard, tire surface bright and gorgeous as new - Effectively prevent plastic product, synthetic plastic from aging. - Effectively prevent the object surface from roughness, make the object glossy. - Suitable for automobile and home use.
How To Use
1. Spray onto target surfaces 20cm away, lightly press and spray to a frogh, then wipe evenly the surfaces with a clean towel. 2. When polish the leather chair or dashboard, spray the product on and wipe after a while, and the effect will appear soon. 3. When applied to beautify tire, clean the tire first and spray the product on. 4. When used to prevent surfaces roughness or corrosion, directly spray this products on.

Product Details :
- Brand: Biao Bang
- Shelf life: 3 years
- Capacity: 450ml

Product Included:
1 unit 450ml Car Dashboard Polish B-8092

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