Biao Bang Leather Protectant BD1002 (450ml)

Biao Bang Leather Protectant BD1002 (450ml)

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Product Key Features
Biao BangLeather Protectant is a high-quality leather care product that is made from carefully selected raw materials, including polymers and organic silicon materials. It can effectively remove dirt and dust from the surface of leather with just one spray and wipe. Leather Protectant is suitable for both automotive and household leather products and has excellent permeability, providing comprehensive protection for leather deep inside while preventing surface cracking. It effectively nourishes and maintains a shiny appearance for leather products. Leather Protectant is easy to use, simply spray and wipe to give your leather products a brand-new look. The polymers and organic silicon materials contained in this product can effectively moisturise and protect leather, ensuring its longevity and preventing surface cracking. Additionally, it also helps maintain the shine and lustre of your leather products, making them look as good as new.
How To Use
Notes: Using Biao Bang Leather Protectant can effectively protect leather products and keep them shiny and bright. Please follow the steps in the user manual to use this product correctly for the best results. 1) Rotate the nozzle to the "up" position, and spray directly onto the leather object from a distance of about 10 CM 2) Let the sprayed liquid dry on the surface of the object for one to two minutes, ensuring that the liquid penetrates deep into the leather. 3) Gently wipe the surface of the object with a dry towel to remove any excess liquid. 4) Before use, please test the product in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it does not cause any damage to the leather. 5) For serious stains or dirt, it is recommended to first clean with water or a cleaning agent and then use this product for maintenance. 6) This product is suitable for all kinds of leather products, such as household items, car interiors, leather accessories, etc. 7) After use, please rotate the nozzle to the "off" position and store the product in a cool and dry place. 8) In case of any accidents (such as ingestion), please seek medical attention immediately and bring the product packaging box to the hospital.

Product Details:
- Brand: Biao Bang
- Shelf life: 3 years
- Capacity: 450ml

Product Included:
1 unit 450ml Leather Protectant BD1002

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