Biao Bang Antirust Lubricants BA1040 (450ml)

Biao Bang Antirust Lubricants BA1040 (450ml)

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Product Key Features
- To penetrate and remove rust, clean and lubricate metal surface, resist corrosion and protect the surface - Effectively remove steel rust, corrosion, dust, graphite, and oil greasy - To prevent corrosion caused by moisture and other chemical components
How To Use
For rust prevention: 1) Spray onto the surface that needs maintenance, let it air dry naturally or gently wipe with a dry cloth, until the surface will not leave any marks. 2) For hard-to-spray areas, attach the fine tube that comes with the can to the nozzle and spray. For cleaning: 1) Spray onto the dirt, and repeatedly wipe with a tissue, cloth, or cleaning cloth. This product is an oily substance and is recommended for use on hard and smooth surfaces or dark hard fabrics. For rust removal: 1) For rust that has formed for a short time, spray the product onto the rusted surface, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe the rusted area with a cleaning cloth or a soft wire ball. 2) For rust that has formed for a long time or rusted parts, first use a soft wire ball or a wire brush to remove the rust or gently tap the rusted part to loosen it. Then spray the product onto the part that needs to be treated, wait for the rust to dissolve for a period of time, and then use a cleaning cloth or a rotating wire ball to remove the rust.
Safety Precaution
1) This product is flammable, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from fire and heat sources (do not smoke when using). 2) Use and store in a dry and ventilated place below 50°C. 3) Do not swallow, puncture or burn the product, and store it out of reach of children. 4) Do not intentionally damage the can to avoid accidents such as can rupture and material leakage.

Product Details:
- Brand: Biao Bang
- Shelf life: 3 years
- Capacity: 450ml

Product Included:
1 unit 450ml Antirust Lubricants Pine Rustin BA1040

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