Biao Bang Carburetor Cleaner B-1091 (450ml)

Biao Bang Carburetor Cleaner B-1091 (450ml)

Category: Biao Bang

Product Key Features
1. The car cleaner is adopted with unique formula, 2. Strong resolvability, osmosis and diffusibility to obviously remove pectin, grime and carbon accumulation oxide layer, etc. 3. Used to revitalize the best status of the carburetor and strengthen the deflagrating function. 4. Be scathe less for sense organs.
How To Use
1. Unload air-cleaner, start engine. 2. In the idle inside, spray onto orifice, throat, valve and choke plunger of inside carburetor. 3. Accelerate engine a few minutes later. 4. Deposits are vented with a scream. 5. Put on air cleaner. 6. Accelerate the engine a few times to completely clean out the deposits.
Safety Precaution
1. Extremely flammable. 2. Use in a well ventilated area. 3. Do not store it above 120°F(50°C). 4. Keep out reached of children.

Product Details:
- Brand: Biao Bang
- Shelf life: 3 years
- Capacity: 450ml

Product Included:
1 unit 450ml Carburetor Cleaner B-1091

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